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Your Psychic Guide is the place to call when you need answers to your questions. Nana is a gifted psychic who's skilled at all types of psychic readings , including palm and tarot card readings. With Nanas help, you achieve career, financial, and physical health. Get the answers to your questions about your life with psychic services from Nana in Los Angeles, California.

Detailed Palm Readings
Your palms tell the story of your past, present, and future. Palm readings help determine your personality, future, and love life in addition to answering any of your questions. The time they take varies, depending on your mood and attitude.

Psychic Readings
Nana is a born psychic that has been doing readings for more than 40 years. After discovering psychic abilities at a young age, Nana has continuously seen and communicated with spirits. And sprit Guides.

Although most often focusing on interpersonal relationships and matters of the heart, Nana is also able to see clearly into present and future issues involving your career, family, and financial matters. Nana provides you with details that help and guide you, removing obstacles from your life.

Additionally, Nana has the ability to see auras and the chakras, working with spirit guides in conjunction with tarot cards and other divination tools. This provides you with an informative and enjoyable psychic reading experience.

Do you have questions about where you are going in life? Call Nana at 310-216-1900
Tarot Card Readings
Tarot cards are divination tools that offer you guidance about your relationships, including friends, relatives, and business associates.  During the reading, Nana instructs you to shuffle the cards and make 3 stacks. Using your dominant hand, you hover it over the stack that calls to you and then touch it. Nana reads each card from that stack, explaining its meaning in regards to your life.
  Crystal Ball and Power Crystals
At Your Psychic Guide, master psychic Nana also uses a crystal ball and power crystals into look into your spiritual realm. These are highly effective tools when you want to contact people that friends and family members that have passed away. Nana also uses a crystal ball and power crystals to interpret your dreams, providing you with specific details about their meanings. Additionally, these unique objects help identify any psychic abilities you may have

Ancient Runes for Your Information
Nana uses ancient runes, which are an ancient alphabet, as part of the divination process. Runes provide you with details about dates, times, and places that may be dangerous to you. They are also used to help you find information about a person based on his or her name.

Tea Leaf Reading
Nana uses tea leaves to explore your past, present, and future up to a 10-year span. Here's how this type of reading works. You take a cup, add a small amount of water, and sprinkle a few tea leaves in it. Next, you swirl the water and leaves around in the cup and give the cup to Nana to read. Tea leaves are an excellent way to discover the find out about your health, finances, and relationships.

Advice Includes

-Love, Career, Family, & Finances, 
-Spirit & Spirit Guide Contact,
-Dream Interpretation,
-Protection from Unwanted Entities,
-Aura Cleansing,
-Guided Meditation,
-Chakra Balancing

-Addiction & Recovery

I also have very potent ancient love potion, oils, candle's, incense, crystals stones, white voodoo ash/sand to make things happen & benefit in your life!

Contact our master psychic today at (310) 216-1900 to get answers to all of your questions about life. 
We are located in the Los Angeles area off the 405, 90 Freeway Marina del Rey and 105 LAX.
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